IBM’s Watson to Look Under the Hoods of BMW Cars

IBM has teamed up with BMW CarData to provide an information sharing platform for the connected car.

IBM's Watson to Look Under the Hoods of BMW CarsThe IT giant has integrated its Bluemix cloud computing platform into BMW’s car diagnostics system, and will also use its IBM Watson IoT artificial intelligence system to analyze car data and share it with third parties authorized by the driver. In other words, IBM’s AI system will use BMW’s car data to analyze what’s going on under the hood, and can then share some of that information with third parties like auto repair shops or insurers.

Meanwhile, IBM says it’s also going to “act as a neutral server” for data from car makers beyond BMW, according to a statement from the company; and in this way the company says it “will help to realize the vision of a secure and open vehicle data platform as demanded by many players in the mobility ecosystem.”

The efforts point to the growing convergence of IT and automotive technology with the rise of the smart car, and to the increasing importance of behind the scenes software. Microsoft, for example, announced in March that it would license its own connected car technology to car makers, starting with Toyota; and BlackBerry just announced a new security system for smart cars designed to seal off safety-critical systems from potential hack attacks.