ID Verification Requirements Are a Business Opportunity for MNOs: Gemalto

Increasingly stringent regulations are encouraging MNOs to adopt stronger authentication mechanisms – and that’s not a crisis but an opportunity, argues a new Gemalto blog post.

ID Verification Requirements Are a Business Opportunity for MNOs: GemaltoOn one hand, many governments are starting to outline new registration requirements for mobile subscribers, often in a bid to fight crime and terrorism. On the other, financial services are playing a bigger role in MNO services, and they often have to meet particular Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements. Meanwhile, the rising costs of digital fraud are adding a self-interested incentive for MNOs to adopt better security.

As Gemalto argues, this presents an opportunity. It allows MNOs to themselves become “Identity Verification Service providers” for other organizations, both businesses and government entities. Mobile devices are, after all, increasingly the vectors for authentication for online services, and are coming outfitted with increasingly sophisticated authentication technologies like facial and iris recognition.

Gemalto, of course, has its own ID Verification solution, which itself leverages smartphone biometrics. The rising need for strong authentication is a business opportunity for MNOs, and for Gemalto and other solutions providers seeking to help them.