IDEMIA and Capgemini Join Forces for New IoT Device Management Platform

IDEMIA and Capgemini Join Forces for New IoT Device Management Platform

IDEMIA has announced plans to build a secure management platform for IoT devices in conjunction with Capgemini. The new solution will blend Capgemini’s existing X-IoT device management platform with IDEMIA’s M-TRUST digital security system.

“The foundation of industrial analytics and AI is connectivity coupled with security,” said Jean-Pierre Petit, Capgemini’s Director of Digital Manufacturing. “Capgemini’s agreement with IDEMIA will provide a unique, fully agnostic, configurable and highly secure platform from an end-point device to the cloud.”

The new platform will help customers bring a number of different IoT devices together under one security umbrella to improve information flow and procedures. It is intended as an enterprise-level solution for companies in a range of different sectors, from healthcare all the way to industrial manufacturing.

The partnership was forged in an effort to address the growing cost of cybercrime, which quadrupled between 2015 and 2019, according to Juniper Research. IDEMIA and Capgemini plan to deliver improved security without sacrificing the connectivity and convenience of IoT devices.

IDEMIA has already been making inroads in the IoT market, for example with wearable devices that incorporate its eSIM technology. The alliance with Capgemini should further increase its reach as smart devices become more common and fuel the need for safer digital support.