IdentityForce Offers Two Factor Authentication for Members

IdentityForce, provider of the eponymous online security platform, has announced a new mobile app bringing Two Factor Authentication to members.IdentityForce Offers Two Factor Authentication for Members

That isn’t the only security mechanism offered by IdentityForce Mobile, with the system also offering alerts concerning financial account activity. But 2FA will be perhaps the most impactful new security feature for IdentityForce members, with users having the option to have a security code delivered to them via email or text. For iPhone users, it also enables biometric 2FA, leveraging the Touch ID fingerprint scanning system for user authentication.

IdentityForce’s 2FA security arrives amid growing support for the authentication mechanism, with major brands like Instagram, Facebook, and Google having also recently enabled 2FA features for users of their apps. Meanwhile, the FIDO Alliance is urging the National Institute of Standards and Technology to encourage the use of multi-factor authentication in its updated Cybersecurity Framework.

IdentityForce Mobile is available now for iOS and Android devices, exclusively to IdentityForce members.