IdentityX Launches Mobile Authentication App With

Mobile biometric authentication company IdentityX (an affiliate of Daon) announced yesterday that it has launched a new solution designed specifically for use with Developed in concert with one of the company’s partners, the new mobile authentication app is built on Identity X’s Infinity Platform.

IdentityX’s new mobile authentication app allows users to select one or more authentication factors including passwords, PINs, fingerprints, voice and facial recognition for their mobile devices. According to the company, this is a first of its kind technology. provides companies with customer relationship management solutions. Because of the varied needs that each customer has, IdentiyX’s flexibility and wide range of authentication options are an ideal fit.

The new mobility app also supports mobile devices with embedded fingerprint sensors including the Samsung Galaxy S5. In late September IdentityX will also be announcing iOS 8 compatibility, allowing for both iPhone 6 models to work with the new mobile authentication app.

“The development of this mobile authentication app for is an example of how our integration partners can innovate and how the Infinity Platform enables that innovation,” says Conor White, president of IdentityX. “ users now have a much more flexible solution for mobile authentication that gives them the broadest array of authentication factors available on the market today. Our collaboration with our partner on the development and delivery of this app provides shareholder value for both companies while future-proofing users from the myriad of changes happening in the market today as it pertains to mobile authentication.”

In June, Mobile ID World reported that the Infinity Platform received a major system update allowing for Touch ID support.