IDEX and Trustonic Join Forces to Deliver Biometrics to Smart Devices

Fingerprint BiometricsFingerprint sensor developer IDEX ASA has announced a new partnership with hardware developer Trustonic, which provides Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs) for a wide variety of smart devices.
The partnership will see IDEX’s biometric technology integrated into devices that use Trustonic’s TEE technology. Right now there are over 300 million smart devices using Trustonic’s TEE technology, so the partnership is ideal for establishing fast, large-scale integration of biometric security for a number of OEMs.
In a press release, IDEX CEO Dr. Hemant Mardia pointed to the growing ubiquity of biometric security in smart phones, and particularly for the purposes of mobile commerce, noting that “the demand for hardware based trusted and secure high performance solution is increasing as fingerprint sensors become a cornerstone for mobile payment transactions”.
There will also be growing demand for this kind of security as a number of traditionally offline devices go digital as part of the blossoming Internet of Things. Given security experts’ calls for more advanced security measures such as those offered by biometric technology, and given Trustonic’s wide array of partnerships in the digital field, it looks this partnership could be a major win-win in the year to come.