IDEX CEO to Speak at Biometric Banking Seminar in London

With excitement over biometric payment cards continuing to build steam, IDEX CEO Hemant Mardia has been invited to speak on the technology at an industry seminar tomorrow.IDEX CEO to Speak at Biometric Banking Seminar in London

Entitled ‘Biometrics in Banking and Payments’, the seminar has been organized by the European Association of Biometrics. The sold-out event will see participation from a number of major banks, including Capital One, JP Morgan, Santander, TSB Bank, American Express, and Mastercard, among others; and it has been sponsored by major players including BioCatch, Daon, and IBM, in addition to IDEX.

In a statement announcing its participation, IDEX said Mardia’s talk “will reflect on why the new generation of biometric cards are a step change in convenient security, improving security while also optimising the user experience.”

The event arrives soon after IDEX held an Investor Update in which the company emphasized the significant addressable market in biometric payment cards, of which it aims to acquire a marketshare of at least 30 percent by the end of 2020, thanks to its flexible off-chip sensor technology. It also comes at a time of some anxiety among European businesses anticipating the implementation of stricter regulations government data protection and customer privacy, which seems to be driving growing interest in biometric authentication technologies more broadly.

The Biometrics in Banking and Payments seminar will take place tomorrow at the IBM Client Centre in London.