ImageWare and Fujitsu Launch Biometrics as a Service Solution

IWS_logoMuch has been made of ImageWare Systems’ approach to strong authentication in the cloud. The company has been preaching a situational attitude towards biometrics, and its multi-modal Biometric Engine is at the heart of what ImageWare provides: the biometrics that you need as you need them. The hardware agnostic philosophy behind the company’s offerings has made a big splash, at this year’s Mobile World Congress, the company was recognized by Envisioneering for innovation and design a the conference’s Showstoppers.

Today, ImageWare and Fujitsu announced the global availability of a biometrics-as-a-service (BaaS) solution the runs on the former’s cloud infrastructure. It’s a pay-as-you-go and plug’n’play approach to biometric deployment.

“We are seeing a growing need within the mobility, retail, healthcare, financial services and banking industries to securely identify and authenticate mission-critical operations, data and transaction information, while also addressing IT demands for utilizing easily-deployed, scalable, cloud-based solutions,” says David Berry, executive vice president, Infrastructure Services at Fujitsu America, Inc. “Multimodal biometric cloud identity and authentication services are ideal for these companies, and our continued work with ImageWare uniquely positions Fujitsu to address both the needs of these types of companies and their customers by delivering compelling biometric solutions that can be quickly deployed in the cloud and provide immediate data integrity and security.”

Ease of deployment is a big part of the ImageWare and Fujitsu offering. It is hardware agnostic thanks to the inclusion of ImageWare’s GoCloudID platform, which allows a dramatically reduced setup time. Because this is offered as a service, customers are also able to curb their biometric subscription to best suit the situation from a technology, security and budgetary perspective.

“With more and more mobile devices being designed with biometric features and worldwide mobile device payments expected to reach $400 billion by 2015, it is critical we work with leading technology companies like Fujitsu, to effectively and holistically address legacy identity and access management security challenges facing businesses and consumers in a big-data, smart mobile world,” saysJim Miller, CEO of ImageWare Systems. “We have a track record for more than a decade working in a variety of large and demanding environments. In Fujitsu, we have a partner who delivers world-class cloud services for public, on-premise and private infrastructure platforms.”

Mobile ID World recently published an interview with Jim Miller, in which he mentioned Fujitsu’s interest in ImageWare’s BaaS offerings.