ImageWare to Receive Approval for 11th Patent

ImageWare to Receive Approval for 11th PatentThe US Patent and Trademark Office is ready to approve a new patent filed by ImageWare. The company received notice of allowance—essentially, acknowledgement that a patent has passed internal review—for its 11th patent, “Multi-Modal Biometric Database Searching Methods”.

The patent refers to technology used in IWS Biometric Engine, the company’s flagship product. It’s a system for searching databases to compare multiple biometric modalities, including situations in which one modality is compared to a different kind until a comparable match is found. In other words, the system can search through a database to find matches for a fingerprint scan, even if that database also contains facial biometrics, or some data related to some other kind of modality.

Commenting on the pending patent application, ImageWare CEO Jim Miller said it “will extend our already broad intellectual property coverage” and that it “further protects ImageWare’s flagship product, IWS Biometric Engine” and its underlying technology.

This technology was recently licensed to IT solutions integrator CDW via ImageWare’s IWS CloudID and GoVerifyID platforms, and could provide further income to ImageWare as the company enjoys a trend of rising revenues and falling losses.