ImageWare Announces Addition to GoVerifyID Enterprise Suite Line

“Our new digital onboarding, document signing, and digital vault capabilities augment and further differentiates our authentication platform and solutions. This proven technology has been deployed at telecoms, financial institutions, and other clients with our technology partner Contactable.” – Jim Miller, CEO, ImageWare

ImageWare Announces Addition to GoVerifyID Enterprise Suite LineImageWare has announced a new extension of its GoVerifyID multimodal biometric authentication platform. Called the GoVerifyID Digital Identity Transformation Platform, the new offering is part of ImageWare’s GoVerifyID Enterprise Suite solutions portfolio.

In a statement announcing the new solution, ImageWare laid out its multifaceted capabilities, asserting that it “provides federated digital identity onboarding, digital identity proofing, digital rights management, digital contracting, document signing, digital vaults, and overall digital identity management while providing support for regulatory and privacy compliance across multiple industries and geographies or digital ecosystems”. The platform allows users to confirm their identity with official ID documents and live biometric scans using only a smartphone, and is available on a Software-as-a-Service basis.

Elaborating further, ImageWare Sales and Marketing VP David Somerville said that the GoVerifyID Digital Identity Transformation Platform offers customers “a seamless journey from digital onboarding to user authentication, document signing, and contracting all using their mobile phones which is a significant driver for market adoption and acceleration of enhanced digital services.”

ImageWare says its latest solution will be marketed by itself and its network of partners, including Fujitsu.