New Contract Extends ImageWare’s VA Support

New Contract Extends ImageWare's VA SupportImageWare Systems has won a contract along with partner Four Points Technology to continue offering software support to the Department of Veterans Affairs. Covering the next two years, the VA contract could be worth as much as $3 million if all of its options are pursued.

The extension builds upon services the companies have already undertaken for the VA, which have revolved around the implementation of biometric employee authentication and access control systems. These systems are based on ImageWare’s IWS Biometric Engine, a platform using biometric technology that ImageWare has been working to patent, with recent success. The newest contract will see an overall extension of support services for the systems implemented, as well as “enhanced security for contractors, employees and agency facilities,” according to a press release.

Commenting on the development, ImageWare CEO Jim Miller called working with the VA “a privilege,” and asserted that the new contract award “is another example of how the scalability and interoperability of our biometric identity management solutions help our customers address security mandates.”

It should also offer an income boost for the company going forward, further solidifying a recent trend that has seen ImageWare’s revenues on the rise.