Industry News Roundup: “Mobile Only” Thinking and Getting Ready For CARTES Asia

Next week in Wanchai , Hong Kong, CARTES Asia will be celebrating the innovative ways that mobile identity technology has been making its mark on the Asia-Pacific region. On Friday, the organizers announced the nine nominees for the Asian SESAMES Awards that will be announced mid-next week.

The week leading up to that announcement was filled with examples of a new idea emerging globally thanks to the pervasiveness of mobile devices and the ubiquity of networks that allow for mobile access to the Internet. The idea is being termed “Mobile Only,” replacing the now-getting-old marketing mantra of “Mobile First.”

Mobile Only is one of the major trends being showcased at CeBIT 2014, which concluded this past week. During the conference, which dealt with ideas of wearable technology and understanding that in some regions of the world the Internet is only accessible through mobile phones.

DERMALOG was present at CeBIT 2014, showing off what it boasts as the world’s smallest optical fingerprint sensor. The tininess of the biometric sensor alone makes it an obvious candidate for mobile identity and authentication solutions, but the company is eager to point out that the applications of that reach beyond the commercial sector.

The requirements of federal agencies and healthcare organisations, for instance, require that access control solutions meet a high level of certification prior to deployment. Just bringing an iPad to work and expecting to be able to do work from it is a serious lapse in judgement. Thankfully, there are peripheral hardware solutions that can turn BYOD liabilities into efficiency.

Tactivo, from Precise Biometrics is one of these solutions. A custom smart casing that offers certified multifactor authentication, Tactivo is on the verge of being able to offer biometric security for all available Apple mobile devices. This week Tactivo for iPad mini was approved by Apple and Precise announced that the iPad Air iteration of the smart casing – the final piece of the puzzle – is undergoing the final steps of its own certification.

When it comes to smartphones, as has been discussed at great length here at Mobile ID World, the real beauty comes in the multimodal support that the devices offer. Because of the ever present front facing cameras and microphones in the pockets of a massive and growing section of the population, many people have the tools for face and voice authentication in their pockets. These are the two factors at work in SpeechPro’s newly updated VoiceKey.OnePass solution, set for a March 2014 release, boasting liveness detection and touchless interface.

Finally, when it comes to the relying parties in the transactions of the Internet age, there is a new responsibility on small businesses and retailers. It’s not enough to have a website, that website must be optimized for mobile. Its a relatively new paradigm shift that has led to the rise of zero-coding website builders with built in responsive design. Now that Mobile Only is building momentum, the same goes for online shops.

Thankfully the same convenient principles of website builders are being used on mCommerce. announced the acquisition of Appixia to do exactly this, in fact, allowing mCommerce and mMarketting features to be added to websites by business owners who simply don’t have the coding knowlwedge or the budget to hire a web designer.

Stay tuned for more Mobile Only news next week as we eagerly watch CARTES Asia and move forward, as always, into the post password paradigm.