InMobile Security Platform Leverages Fingerprint Authentication

InAuth is leveraging biometric authentication in its InMobile mobile device security platform.

InMobile Security Platform Leverages Fingerprint AuthenticationThe platform is designed to secure mobile devices by using device attributes for constant identification; it also “combs the device to detect and assess high-risk indicators that have the potential for devastating consequences,” according to InAuth’s website. Now, the platform is being infused with InMobile Biometrics, software that will allow it to enable biometric authentication using iOS and Android devices’ built-in fingerprint scanners.

In a statement announcing the new functionality, InAuth Chief Strategy Officer Michael Lynch summarized the benefits of the InMobile platform, asserting, “We secure all the interactions of the device, we provide a secure token, and our technology makes sure the device itself is secure, and then passes the native biometric results securely.”

The functionality has been implemented at a time when fingerprint scanners are increasingly widespread across a range of mobile devices, with some market analysts anticipating that by 2022, all new smartphones will feature the technology.