Inngresa Mobile Uses Sensory Biometrics for Attendance Tracking

Sensory Biometrics Helping Track Attendance in South America With InngresaBiometrics company Sensory, Inc. is helping track employee attendance in Peru, Chile and Colombia thanks to a licensing agreement with Inngresa. The partnership has seen Sensory’s TrulySecure face recognition technology integrated into Inngresa’s attendance tracking platform, Inngresa Mobile, which cuts down on truancy and time fraud.

According to an interview published on El Pais with Norelys Arias, co-founder of Inngresa, the company’s time and attendance tracking solution launched less than six months ago and has already been deployed by corporate customers. Across Chile, Colombia and Peru there are already 400 employees being tracked and by year end 2016 Inngresa aims to reach over 10,000 users with its system as it expands in Uruguay, Ecuador, Costa Rica and the Caribbean.

Biometrics are integral in the system, according to Arias, because one of the key aims of attendance tracking is to cut down on fraud. In addition to Sensory’s facial recognition contributions, the tablet version of Inngresa Mobile also allows for QR code scanning and fingerprint recognition for user registration. There is also a location based factor at play.

In November, Sensory launched TrulySecure 2.0 and FindBiometrics spoke with CEO Todd Mozer about the company’s latest face and voice recognition offering, the benefits offered by its deep learning approach to biometrics, and how Sensory is breaking down the stigma surrounding facial recognition.

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Source: El Pais

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)