Innovation Finance Leverages Daon’s IdentityX for Customer Authentication

“Daon has proven again and again the ability to help its customers improve their mobile development initiatives while maintaining a secure platform. Daon’s expertise in biometric authentication is a key component of our technology, and the enhanced security is invaluable to our clients.” -Bill Verhelle, CEO, Innovation Finance

Innovation Finance Leverages Daon's IdentityX for Customer Authentication

Another financial services firm is leveraging Daon‘s IdentityX mobile biometrics platform for customer authentication.

Based in New York, Innovation Finance is focused on offering equipment financing for large corporate clients in the US. The company has adopted IdentityX, which supports facial, fingerprint, and voice recognition, into its QuickFi mobile app.

In a statement announcing the integration, the companies said that Daon’s biometric authentication technology will dramatically “reduce a process that typically requires 20 signatures and three weeks down to just three minutes.”

This is the third major partnership involving IdentityX in the last couple of weeks alone. Daon kicked off October with the announcement that South Africa’s Capitec Bank had committed to a multi-year partnership revolving around IdentityX, and also announced this week that Turkey’s Akbank had embraced the platform to enable selfie-based mobile authentication for its customers.

It’s all a testament to the ongoing excitement over mobile biometrics for customer authentication, particularly in the financial services world, and to Daon’s renown as a leading solutions provider in this area.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)