MWC 2014: INSIDE Secure Announces Security Demonstrations Against Mobile Malware

During next week’s Mobile World Congress 2014 (MWC 2014), expect a lot of mobile authentication news. The exhibition, being held February 24 through 27 in Barcelona, Spain is an international stage for all things innovative and mobile, and now that strong authentication is gaining consumer level traction, those terms are synonymous with post-password security. At the enterprise level, however, a positive attitude towards strong authentication is just as critical, if not more so, as mobility forces its way into the daily operations of businesses everywhere.

Embedded security solutions provider INSIDE Secure will be in attendance at Barcelona next week, with not one, but three separate scheduled demonstrations tailored to show off its Virtual Private Network (VPN) client. Designed for enterprise and government customers to better protect their data, the INSIDE Secure VPN takes aim to defend organizations from the threat of mobile malware.

The demos each highlight different functions of the VPN. First, mobile software developed for devices running on the new Trizen operating system. Second, how to use Symantec VIP one time password (OTP) authentication inside Trustonic Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) in order to harden a mobile VPN. Thirdly, VPN as secured via a Secure Element.

“In the face of increasing malware attacks and other threats, INSIDE is quickly leveraging the latest technologies to secure data from enterprises, governments and end-users,” says Simon Blake Wilson, executive VP of INSIDE Secure’s Mobile Security Business. “INSIDE provides all the layers of protection at the hardware and software level customers need.”

Protection against mobile malware is an increasingly necessary commodity in enterprises, as bring your own device (BYOD) attitudes towards work quickly take hold of employees, company policy or no. The fact that INSIDE is holding a demo featuring Symantec solutions is an indication that it means business: Symantec is a highly visible proponent for and supplier of enterprise mobile device management solutions (MDM).

“With the majority of businesses now allowing their employees to access corporate networks from mobile devices, it introduces a higher risk of malicious attacks and compromised data,” said Nicolas Popp, vice president, Identity and Authentication at Symantec Corp. “By using the INSIDE Secure mobile VPN app with Symantec VIP two-factor authentication inside the hardware-backed TEE environment, businesses can offer the convenience and productivity that their employees are requesting without sacrificing security. With the increasing reality of a company experiencing a data breach, businesses can not afford to cut corners on protecting their corporate data.”

Recently, a study commissioned by Cisco revealed that bad mobility habits have been putting federal agencies at risk in the United States. Malware was pointed to as a key exploiter of the vulnerabilities created by poorly managed BYOD policies. With this line up of demonstrations announced, those looking to bolster their business’ logical security can find INSIDE Secure’s presentations in the Hospitality Suite, opposite the MWC fair, Carrer de la Botanica, 33, second floor.