Integrated Biometrics Continues to Promote Biometric Security

iStock_Multi-Modal-300x225Fresh off a number of conference talks, including Carts Secure Connexions 2014 and EU-LISA (European Agency for the Operational Management of Large-Scale IT Systems in the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice), executives from Integrated Biometrics continue to preach the gospel of biometric security in a new NCTechNews article. Integrated Biometrics is a developer of FBI-certified, military-grade biometric identification products, and the company is keen to emphasize the technology’s application in law enforcement and security.

One executive, Tom Buss, points out that government agents previously had to truck biometric technology around in huge equipment cases or else bring suspects to remote location for biometric identifications, whereas now the technology has advanced to the point where handheld devices allow that work to be easily and efficiently done on-site. Adding to the point, the company’s CEO Steve Thies notes, “What we’re seeing now is that tablets and smart phones with apps that access cloud-based data storage systems are becoming the big drivers for governments and the mobilization of identity.”

The execs are certainly right. Advancing technology and shrinking costs have made biometrics products more accessible than ever, and the global security screening market is booming, with national governments eager to get their hands on equipment to help protect against terrorism, and more local law enforcement authorities keen to use the technology in their fight against everyday crime. The current market presents a number of opportunities to companies like Integrated Biometrics, and more to come.