8th Gen Intel Core Processors Feature Support for NNL S3 Authentication Suite

Nok Nok Labs‘ S3 Authentication Suite is now compatible with Intel’s Software Guard Extensions (Intel SGX) technology, the companies have announced.

8th Gen Intel Core Processors Feature Support for NNL S3 Authentication SuiteIntel SGX is a tool for application developers allowing them to protect key data and code by sequestering it into secure enclaves. Now, with Intel’s 8th Gen Intel Core processors supporting NNL’s S3 Suite, those enclaves can be protected with FIDO-certified biometric security.

“Passwords are a problem,” said Nok Nok Labs President and CEO Phillip Dunkelberger. “This problem goes beyond mobile devices and creates a stumbling block for every online service used by consumers. Intel has been a long-standing collaborator with Nok Nok Labs and we are pleased to bring FIDO-certified authentication with the new 8th Gen Intel Core processors to the personal computer ecosystem.”

In a statement announcing the integrated support, Intel VP and Platform Security Division General Manager Rick Echevarria said it “demonstrates our continued commitment to innovation, simplification, and security of the computing experience,” adding that the technology would help to make device-based payments more secure.

Hack attacks were highlighted by Intel in its 2017 Threats Predictions Report, in which the company also pointed to advancements in digital security for hardware products.

For Nok Nok Labs, the Intel collaboration comes not long after its latest funding round brought in $8 million, which NNL said it would use to meet demand for its S3 Suite.