Intel Issues 2017 Digital Threat Predictions

Intel Security has issued its McAfee Labs 2017 Threats Predictions Report, a product of consultation with “31 Intel Security thought leaders,” according to a statement from the company.

Intel Issues 2017 Digital Threat PredictionsThe predictions are many and range widely, but reflect larger trends. For example, the forecast that “Windows vulnerability exploits will continue to decline” may be a reflection of Microsoft’s embrace of sophisticated security solutions like biometric authentication for its latest Windows offerings.

Meanwhile, the vulnerabilities of the Internet of Things continue to emerge. Hacking software will enable “dronejackings” while “IoT malware will open backdoors into the connected home that could go undetected for years.” And on the mobile front, hackers will steal credentials to access sensitive banking and credit card data.

Still, these are areas in which advancing security technologies like biometrics are offering strong solutions, and indeed the report predicts that “[p]hysical and cybersecurity industry players will collaborate to harden products against digital threats.” And with “increased cooperation between law enforcement and industry, law enforcement takedown operations will put a dent in cybercrime.”

In other words, the seesaw dynamic of advancing threats and security will continue in 2017.