Intel-GE Care Innovations Teams Up with Major US Health Care Network to Deliver Remote Services

vital biometrics and wearable tech

Vital biometrics and mobile devices are enabling patients to receive 24 hour health monitoring while freeing up bed space in hospitals.

Care Innovations, a joint venture between Intel and General Electric Healthcare, has partnered with Dignity Health, a 21-state healthcare network in the US, to provide remote care to patients using a suite of services including biometric health monitoring.

The partnership began with a sort of trial run in Sacramento, where Care Innovations used its Connect RCM technology to assist patients struggling with stroke, cardiac, post-surgical, and oncological issues, among other such concerns. The cloud-based Connect RCM system revolves around the daily collection of patients’ biometric data, which is transmitted to healthcare professionals who are then able to advise their patients remotely. This kind of remote care is hoped to reduce healthcare costs – a major concern in the US, which lacks a comprehensive federal healthcare system – while also benefiting patients with its convenience and ease of access.

America’s private healthcare system is a market with a lot of potential for Intel and GE, especially given the current demographic trend of declining health for the aging boomer generation. With a network of 9000 physicians and 380 care centers, Dignity Health appears to be a good strategic partner in this move, and industry observers shouldn’t be surprised to see this kind of partnership replicated with other healthcare networks in the future.