Intel Security Integrates True Key Into Microsoft Edge

Intel Security has integrated its True Key password manager into Microsoft Edge, the Windows 10 browser.

Intel Security Integrates True Key Into Microsoft EdgeThe extension will essentially remember users’ online passwords for them when using the Microsoft Edge browser, automatically filling in such fields when prompted. In a statement announcing the integration, Intel highlighted its use of Windows Hello secure authentication factors; and given that these include biometric authentication capabilities, the integration could offer a substantially more secure password management system.

In a statement announcing the move, True Key CTO Richard Reiner acknowledged the elephant in the room – that biometric efforts like Windows Hello are designed to replace outmoded password-based security. Reiner explained that “[t]he password problem won’t disappear overnight, which is why working with Windows Hello is a big step in the shared vision between Intel Security and Microsoft of a password-free future.”

The extension arrives alongside new Android and iOS functionality for the mobile version of the solution allowing users to leverage fingerprint and facial recognition to log in. While use of a master password is still an option, these are further indications of the post-password future toward which Intel is working.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)