News Roundup: Internet of Things, Biometric Touchscreens

Last week at Mobile ID World we continued our featured look into the Internet of Things as PayPal, Apple, Facebook and Synaptics all had their time to shine in the headlines. Here is a look back on last week’s biggest news stories in mobile identity.

Internet of Things Month

News Roundup: Internet of Things, Biometric TouchscreensContinuing our expanded coverage of all things M2M, our most recent featured article for Internet of Things Month delves into the important role that connectivity plays in the spread of IoT and how Google and Facebook are spearheading the efforts to network the underserved two thirds of the world population. In the news, Amazon embraced voice interface tech into its Smart Home platform, General Motors had us talking smart cars, and members of the US senate called for better education on IoT.

IoT Month: A Call for Connectivity

Amazon Echo Brings Voice Control to the Smart Home

US Senators Urge Gov’t to Investigate Potential, Risks of IoT

GM Gets Into Gear with Smart Car Integrations

Money and Mobility

Mobile payments, online banking.PayPal is almost ready to strike off on its own, with the impending split between it and its parent company eBay. As such, the payment platform has been a fixture in the news, not only with speculation on how it will fair against impressive rivals, but also with new and expanded partnerships.

In mCommerce consortium news, we reported on the MIDAS Alliance’s initiative to help mobile wallet companies meet the standards of the European Union. Meanwhile, the Natural Security Alliance welcomed its newest member: Sentinel.

Rounding out the financial news last week we had an update from Wells Fargo on its efforts to bring multi-factor biometrics to its mobile services. Read on to find out which biometric modalities one of the biggest names in finance is choosing to improve customer experience.

PayPal and Uber Expand Partnership to Nine More Countries

Wells Fargo Delves Deeper Into Biometric Authentication

Smartphones Help Propel Mobile Money Transfer Market

MIDAS Alliance Helps Mobile Wallets Meet EU Standards

PayPal Playing Catch-up in mPayment Space: Former CEO

Sentenial Joins Natural Security Alliance

The Future of Smartphone Tech

Biometric Authentication BannersThe big smartphone news last week surrounded rumors that Apple is developing a touchscreen with a built in biometric fingerprint scanner, which was later corroborated by a patent filed by the company for fingerprint scanning pixels. Synaptics also made the news with its sensor having been built into the newest phone offered through NTT DoCoMo. Location tech rounded out the week in new mobile tech, along with image leaks of the new Meizu handset which looks like it will feature biometrics.

Apple Patent Corroborates Touchscreen Fingerprint Scanning

Touchscreen Touch ID Under Development: Report

New Apple Patents Enhance Geofencing Capabilities

Sharp Integration Adds Synaptics to NTT DoCoMo’s Arsenal

Fingerprint Sensor Likely for Next Meizu Device

Improvement in Identification

Vector illustration of analytics information on the dashboard and process of developmentA professor at Clarkson University shone a positive light on iris biometrics last week, initiating a call for better liveness detection in the modality. Meanwhile, news surfaced about Facebook’s ability to biometrically identify users in photos even if their face is obscured. Finally, we brought you an update on Windows 10 and who will be able to get it for free.

Clarkson University Launches Iris Recognition Competition

Facebook Develops Biometric System for Obscured Faces

Microsoft Uses Carrot-and-Stick Approach With Windows 10

Wearable World

59243102_thumbnailIn wearable tech last week we reported on news suggesting wearable presents a key opportunity in physical education for school kids, while new numbers from Tractica painted a prolific future for the industry in the next five years. Valencell, in the mean time, released test results positioning its cardiac biometric capabilities above those in the Apple Watch.

Mobile Tech An Opportunity for PE Educators

750 Million Shipments of Wearables by 2020: Tractica

Valencell Tech Beats Apple Watch in Cardiac Biometrics Test


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