Internet of Things Month: The Roundup

As June ends Internet of Things Month comes to a close here at Mobile ID World. The month long examination of 2015’s breakaway topic in technology had us talking big pictures, detailed concepts and major industry developments. Here is a look back on everything we explored in our exciting  Internet of Things Month.

The Big Picture

PrintWe began June with our Internet of Things Primer, collecting all the most relevant news and features on IoT in order to build a foundation for the month ahead. The article provides an overview of the major concepts in IoT right now – connectivity, interface challenges and the need for security – providing context for the rest of Internet of Things Month.

Internet of Things Month: The Primer

The Big Issues

Social network conceptConnectivity and finding a place for the end user were major topics this month. Voice and speech recognition has long been touted as the ideal modality for Internet of Things user interface, as its handsfree nature combined with biometric security potential addresses critical challenges in IoT. In Talking To Your Things we examine the role voice and speech technology is already playing in IoT and where it’s headed.

The foundation of mobility is connectivity, and the Internet of Things is not exempt from this. Still, two thirds of the world population are underserved in this manner, left without access to even the basic Internet. In A Call For Connectivity we look at how Google and Facebook are addressing the problem of under-connectivity, taking the first steps toward the inevitable Smart Globe.

IoT Month: Talking To Your Things

IoT Month: A Call for Connectivity

The Applications

IoT ImageThe Internet of Things isn’t just some hypothetical Utopian technology, it’s very real and already active. This month we examined five consumer applications for the Internet of Things that are either coming soon or ready to use right now as I write this sentence.

We also welcomed Rob Martens, Futurist and Director of Connectivity Platforms at Allegion, into our featured articles section to bridge the gap between Internet of Things Month and National Safety Month. In IoT Month Meets Safety Month: Let’s Talk About Smart Locks Martens breaks down one of the most integral components of the smart building: the smart lock.

IoT Month: 5 Consumer Applications For Internet of Things

IoT Month Meets Safety Month: Let’s Talk About Smart Locks

The Headlines

securityWhile we delved into the connected world of the Internet of Things, the M2M network remained a fixture in the news. Industry organizations made big strides, major IT and communications players voiced their commitment to IoT, and US senators highlighted the importance of M2M standards. Everything in IoT is moving quickly, and experts are calling increasingly for interoperability standards and strong security. At the start of the year the Internet of Things was heralded as the major technology of 2015. With the end of Internet of Things Month the year is officially half over and, by the looks of things from here, that assessment seems accurate to say the least.

Amazon Echo Brings Voice Control to the Smart Home

US Senators Urge Gov’t to Investigate Potential, Risks of IoT

GM Gets Into Gear with Smart Car Integrations

Nest Refresh Prompts Questions About IoT Interconnectivity

AT&T Jockeys for Position as IoT Market Leader

IoT is ‘Not Safe Right Now’: ISE Executive

Dell Opens IoT Lab in Ireland

IoT Could Spur Smart Building Market: Report

IoT Village at DEF CON to Explore Security Vulnerabilities

AllSeen Alliance Welcomes 20 New Members


The Internet of Things is a dynamic topic, and June as been a very exciting time to focus on this burgeoning area of mobility. Thank you for joining us at Mobile ID World for Internet of Things Month. Keep the conversation going by following us on Twitter and tweeting with the hashtag #IoTMonth.