iOS Update Ruins Touch ID for Some iPhone Users

iOS Update Ruins Touch ID for Some iPhone UsersSome iPhone users are having problems with Touch ID in the wake of the latest iOS update.

It seems that while Apple had intended to improve the fingerprint scanning system with its iOS 9.1 update, its alterations have left users of older iPhones – meaning any devices older than the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus – having difficulty authenticating. According to International Business Times, the issue has persisted for some users even after they have tried resetting their devices.

The problem compounds other issues that they latest iOS has brought to older iPhones, with some users also complaining of slower response times, and even system crashes. And as of this writing, Apple hasn’t commented on the matter, so it isn’t clear when or how it will be resolved – though of course the hope is that the next iOS update will bring relief.

It’s a potentially embarrassing problem for Apple given its efforts to standardize fingerprint biometric authentication across its mobile devices, and its apparent interest in extending Touch ID to other Apple products. But a quick and effective solution could be just a software update away – or so Apple users hope.

Source: International Business Times