MWC Shanghai: User Security Key to IoT Growth, Says Oberthur CEO

Security issues are the main obstacle to overcome in order for the Internet of Things to go mainstream, according to MWC Shanghai: User Security Key to IoT Growth, Says Oberthur CEOOberthur Technologies CEO Didier Lamouche. Speaking at this week’s Mobile World Congress in Shanghai, Larouche argued, “We won’t see any massive scale up of IoT usage unless the consumer is fully secure and his privacy is fully ensured.”

Of course, specializing as it does in digital security, Oberthur’s leadership would see security issues in particularly sharp focus. The company’s PEARL embedded Secure Element offers an important security component to NFC transactions, and recently incorporated biometric security capabilities care of Precise Biometrics algorithm software.

Accordingly, Lamouche emphasized the emerging payments component of the IoT, referring to an attendant “payment of things” that will enable a range of connected devices to complete payments. He paid particular attention to the emergence of the connected car, which he said would soon let consumer pay for things like fuel right from the dashboard.

But nobody’s going to do that unless they can be sure their financial information is secure, and to that end Lamouche told his audience “we should be working together to enable the ecosystem.”

Source: Mobile World Live