IoT Platform Race Heats Up With HPE Entry

Hewlett Packard Enterprise has launched its own Internet of Things platform. Called the HPE Universal IoT Platform, it’s aimed at offering comprehensive architecture to IoT developers.

IoT Platform Race Heats Up With HPE EntryThe platform was designed to work with a wide range of devices and systems, and it’s the versatility and technological diversity enabled by this approach that is the HPE Universal IoT Platform’s main selling point. In a statement announcing the platform, HPE IoT director Nigel Upton asserted that the it “dramatically simplifies integrating diverse devices with different communications protocols,” adding that it’s “designed to scale to billions of transactions”. The cloud-based platform adheres to the oneM2M standard, supports LoRa and SIGFOX deployments, and also offers data analytics via the company’s HPE Vertica and HPE OnDemand services.

HPE’s offering arrives at a time when multiple major IT companies are endeavoring to offer their own IoT platforms, sensing considerable business opportunities as numerous devices go online and companies seek to connect their infrastructure. Samsung, for example, just announced its ARTIK Cloud IoT platform, having introduced its ARTIK IoT chip line last year; and Microsoft is also working to adapt its Windows software for IoT applications as it also promotes its Azure IoT services. The heating competition indicates growth in the IoT more broadly, and could help to establish the common standards needed for IoT development to flourish.