IoT Security Firm Receives Key Patent Approval

An upstart security provider aiming at the IoT has received approval for a key patent. Redwall Technologies has announced that it has now secured a US patent for what it described in a statement as “a security monitor that is embedded into IoT devices including industrial controllers.”

IoT Security Firm Receives Key Patent ApprovalIt’s a component of the company’s Redwall Mobile platform, a secure operating system that can be used in a range of connected devices. In its statement, Redwall did not elaborate on the mechanisms underlying its patented system, explaining only that it “monitors a device in a novel way”; but the company did add that it’s designed to offer a range of potential responses to attempted hacks, including sending alerts to connected infrastructure or altering device settings.

In a statement, Redwall CEO John Rosenstengel added that the system’s security “gets baked into the device’s core and protects every singly aspect of the device holistically.” Rosenstengel also asserted that his team expects “several” further patents relating to its technology.

If Redwall Mobile lives up to its billing, it could become a highly appealing offering in the evolving Internet of Things, where security infrastructure remains a key point of concern given the proliferation of myriad connected devices comprising the IoT.