IoT Slam Agenda Reflects Nebulous Subject

The Internet of Things Community is preparing the second IoT Slam online conference. Following an inaugural event in December, the new conference will take place April 28th.

IoT Slam Agenda Reflects Nebulous SubjectLike the Internet of Things itself, the event has myriad components, with events and talks touching on topics ranging from big data analytics, to smart city projects, to protecting user identity. Also like the IoT, it’s attracting attention from a number of big-name companies, including Microsoft, IBM, GE, Booz Allen Hamilton, and more, all of which are contributing to the online conference.

Commenting in a statement, Spirent Communications VP and IoT Slam Organizing Committee Chairman Bill Mortimer said called it “an event that features real heavy-hitters and meaningful take-aways that provide actionable insights on key industry themes.”

The Internet of Things is a potentially lucrative market and conferences like IoT Slam provide an opportunity for stakeholders to establish shared ideas about its development. That includes discussions about IoT security standards, a matter about which there is considerable concern as a plethora of previously unconnected devices suddenly become vulnerable to digital attacks.