Aspiring IoT Standards Setter Makes First Certification, Promises Many More

An aspiring standards organization for the Internet of Thins has just minted its first certification: SURE Universal, a provider of smart home and IoT software, is now Open Connectivity Foundation-certified.Aspiring IoT Standards Setter Makes First Certification, Promises Many More

It’s a two-way relationship, with OCF having in turn licensed SURE Universal’s software for interoperability testing. OCF’s aim is to establish an interoperability standard for the IoT, and SURE Universal technology will evidently play an important role in the attendant testing.

SURE Universal’s software is currently available to consumers in the form of the SURE Universal Remote app for Android. It currently features embedded support for Amazon’s Alexa AI assistant, and the company says support for Siri and Google Voice is in the pipeline. It also claims to support any wireless protocol, including Bluetooth and WiFi, further helping to ensure that it can be used to operate a range of connected devices.

In a statement announcing the SURE Universal certification and licensing, OCF asserted that “[a] number of major appliance manufacturers” will announce support for the standard later this year, and that “about one hundred more” will officially come on board in 2018. Among them could be some big names, given that Samsung highlighted its work with OCF at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show.