New Starter Kits Promote Windows IoT Development

Microsoft is delving deeper in the Internet of Things with the announcement of two new starter kits for developers. They’re called Microsoft Internet of Things Pack for Raspberry Pi 3 and Seeed Grove Starter Kit for IoT based on Raspberry Pi, from Adafruit and Seeed Studio, respectively.New Starter Kits Promote Windows IoT Development

The former is essentially an upgraded version of Adafruit’s first Windows 10 IoT Core kit based on the Raspberry Pi 2 programming computer. In a blog post, Windows Partner Application Experience Team General Manager Steve Teixeira asserted that Adafruit saw “tremendous success” with its first foray, and highlighted that its Raspberry Pi 3 offering is the same price.

Meanwhile, Seeed Studio’s Grove Starter Kit for IoT based on Raspberry Pi simplifies IoT device connectivity by routing all sensors through one common connector. As Teixeira explained, the approach helps developers “focus on being creative and not worrying about soldering electrical connections.”

The starter kits and Microsoft’s promotion of them illustrate the company’s growing investment in the emerging IoT, with Windows 10 IoT Core and Azure IoT offering developers a chance to get ahead of the curve, while also helping Microsoft to ensure that its platforms are at the root of the emerging IoT ecosystem.