iovation Wins Industry Award for Passwordless Solution

iovation has been declared a Gold winner in the category of Authentication (Two-Factor) – Innovations in The Golden Bridge Awards, a San Francisco-based industry promotion event. The awards ceremony itself will take place on September 12th.

iovation Wins Industry Award for Passwordless SolutionThe company won for its Customer Authentication service, which enables passwordless authentication for low-risk account access by recognizing trusted user devices. In a statement announcing the win, iovation product manager Michael Thelander suggested the award “validates iovation’s mission” in improving the customer experience while protecting against fraud. “It’s clear with this award that consumer-facing companies see device-based authentication as a way to increase online security while not alienating good customers,” Thelander said.

The award should help to further raise iovation’s profile in the wake of its recent participation in Opus Research’s “Authentication in the Age of IoT” discussion panel, where iovation Device Risk, Fraud & Authentication Specialist Tristan Prince highlighted the security risks emerging along with the Internet of Things.