iovation Acquires LaunchKey, Announces New Authentication Solution

In a bid to dramatically extend its presence in the authentication market, iovation has acquired LaunchKey and is, accordingly, launching a new authentication solution that takes advantage of the companies’ combined technologies.iovation Leverages LaunchKey Tech to Offer Flexible Authentication Solution

iovation recently won some industry acclaim in The Golden Bridge Awards for its device-based Customer Authentication platform, which uses trusted devices to enable low-friction user authentication. Now, that system has been combined with LaunchKey’s multi-factor authentication technology to produce the iovation LaunchKey MFA solution, which lets both users and companies customize their authentication setups based on which methods they prefer to use.

The solution first asks businesses to select the authentication mechanisms they want to offer to customers, ranging from Bluetooth proximity to SMS tokens to fingerprint scanning. Next, customers connecting with those businesses choose which of those options they want to use to authenticate. They’ll then receive push notifications pertaining to authentication requests, and businesses can change their authentication requirements at any time. Meanwhile, iovation’s technology is running behind the scenes to assess the trustworthiness and threat risks of the devices being used.

In a statement announcing the iovation LaunchKey MFA solution, LaunchKey CEO Geoffrey Sanders said it could even let businesses “do away with passwords completely”—a prospect that a number of customers could find quite appealing.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)