iPassport Debuts at CES 2015

Mobile ID In The WorkplaceThe iWallet Corporation is debuting its iPassport at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES). The iPassport, first announced in the fall of 2014, is essentially a passport holder with digital security features including a biometric touch sensor lock, RFID protection, and a Bluetooth tether that triggers an alarm when the device is moved beyond a certain distance from its owner.
With these features, the iPassport’s technology is essentially the same as flagship product, the iWallet. It’s an impressive array of security features which should indeed prove effective in helping to prevent some of the many passport thefts and losses that occur every year.
The company’s iWallet has been running up against some stiff competition from the likes of digital wallets and payment platforms such as Apple Pay, not to mention the looming debut of biometric credit cards; but worldwide trend towards biometric passports is only in its nascent phase, so the iPassport is uniquely positioned in the market at the moment, needing only to convince consumers that its advanced security features are worth the $599 USD price tag.