iPhone 6s Plus Breakdown Reveals Sophisticated Tech

iPhone 6s Plus Breakdown Reveals Sophisticated Tech

image via Telus.com

System Plus Consulting has reverse engineered the iPhone 6s Plus fingerprint sensor, and details its findings in a new report.

SPC finds some powerful technological sophistication behind the device. Its 12.5×10.9 mm sensor is encircled by stainless still ring on an aluminum base, with a sapphire window enclosing it. The sensor has a 500ppi pixel density and offers imaging in 10,752 px; and, more impressive, SPC says its capacitive technology can image fingerprints at the sub-epidermal level.

Looking to the dual dies involved, the ASIC die, which handles the logic of the system, is the product of an 0.18µm manufacturing process, while the CMOS sensor die comes in at nanometers—65nm.

For the average iPhone user, of course, this all amounts to a faster scan—reportedly twice the speed of the previous iteration. It’s evidently an important technology to Apple, which has used its Touch ID fingerprint scanning to pioneer mPayments with its Apple Pay service, and while previous iterations of the system are still susceptible to spoofing, experts seem to agree that it’s nevertheless one of the more impressive systems on the market. As such, it shouldn’t be surprising to see even more advanced fingerprint scanning technology on future Apple devices.