iPhone 6S to Feature More Advanced Biometrics Tech

iPhone 6S to Feature More Advanced Biometrics TechSome new details on the next iPhone have leaked, according to an AppleInsider article by Neil Hughes. As with the most recent iterations of the device, the new ‘iPhone 6S’ offers relatively minor upgrades, as opposed to any kind of overhaul or design rethink.

Among the bigger changes planned: The new device will have 2 GBs of RAM, a 12-megapixel camera, an extra mic, and, according to research report from KGI Securities, will be available in ‘gold’. Hughes notes that it isn’t clear if that new gold model will be made of actual gold, like the luxury Apple Watch Edition, or just gold-colored, but in any case it will add a little more design symmetry to the company’s line of devices.

Perhaps most importantly, the new iPhone will feature more advanced biometric capabilities. The KGI Securities report expressed the most enthusiasm over its “Force Touch” input, which will apparently allow readings of finger movements on the screen so refined that it can be used for handwritten notes and the like. And the Touch ID fingerprint sensor will apparently be more advanced both in its speed and security, which could prove important as Apple Pay competes against other mPayment platforms. It will be interesting to see what happens when spoofing expert Marc Rogers gets his hands on it.