iPhone 8’s Pearl ID to Operate in ‘Millionths of a Second’

The iPhone 8’s facial recognition system will allow it to “deeply sense a user’s face in the millionths of a second,” according to a new report in The Korea Herald.

iPhone 8's Pearl ID to Operate in 'Millionths of a Second'The report is primarily concerned with speculating over the iPhone 8’s screen shape, and cites only “a source familiar with the matter”. But as 9to5Mac notes, given that Korea-based Samsung is making the OLED display for the next iPhone, The Korea Herald’s source is likely from that company and may have solid knowledge of the device beyond its screen component.

The idea that the iPhone 8 will feature infrared facial recognition is now widely held, based in large part on snippets of code for the firmware of Apple’s forthcoming HomePod device that seem to refer to an iPhone face scanning system called Pearl ID.

There is also growing speculation that Apple will abandon Touch ID for the new device after failing to overcome technological obstacles to putting the fingerprint scanning system into the device’s display. Then again, a reference to multi-factor authentication in the HomePod code may suggest that Touch ID will remain in some form, though it’s increasingly clear that Pearl ID will play a primary role in user authentication on the iPhone 8.

Sources: The Korea Herald, 9to5Mac, Patently Apple