iPhone 8 to Feature Rear-Mounted Touch ID, Suggests ‘Leaked’ Video

This year’s big new iPhone will feature a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor, suggests a leaked video purportedly showing the device in quality testing. The video depicts a worker interacting with what appears to be an iPhone; when the worker presses a finger on the rear of the device, lines of code or some other kind of diagnostic text scroll down a computer screen.iPhone 8 to Feature Rear-Mounted Touch ID, Suggests 'Leaked' Video

The video’s providence isn’t clear, but the device being tested appears to have the vertical dual-camera setup that is anticipated for the iPhone 8. Still, there are some caveats: As AppleInsider notes, it could be an old video depicting a since-abandoned prototype, or the device shown could be the iPhone 7s that is also expected to be announced this autumn. Also puzzling is the fact that the fingerprint sensor in the video appears to be situated just under the Apple logo, despite evidence that Apple has previously explored the idea of integrating Touch ID into its logo on electronic devices.

But if it really is an iPhone 8 in the video, that means Apple has indeed definitely failed to integrate Touch ID into the device’s display, and it suggests that its new facial recognition system, Pearl ID, will be the central means of authentication for the new device.

This will all be definitively settled soon enough. Apple is expected to launch its new iPhone devices – together with a new version of the Apple Watch and its own 4K smart TV – at a press event next month, which some are speculating will be scheduled for September 12th.

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