Is Iris Scanning Finally Coming To Samsung Galaxy Smartphones?

It looks like Samsung’s next major mobile device will feature an iris scanning capability.

Mounting Evidence for Iris Scanning on Galaxy Note 7Hints emerged earlier this month when Patently Apple reported that Samsung had trademarked “Galaxy Eyeprint” and “Galaxy Iris”, and that it had been working with a prominent academic institution on iris scanning technology. Now, Patently Apple reports that Samsung has filed a patent for a smartphone iris-scanning system.

It’s a sophisticated, three-camera setup designed to use multiple lenses to scan a user’s irises and surrounding facial features. Like Microsoft’s new Lumia devices, the system appears to use infrared technology for its iris scanning.

Meanwhile, Android Police reports that sources close to Samsung have confirmed that its upcoming Galaxy Note device will feature an iris scanner. The anticipated Galaxy Note 7 will be officially launched on August 2nd, so if the wealth of evidence for the device’s iris scanner isn’t convincing enough, there should be official confirmation soon.

This latest bit of speculation surrounding an iris scanner on the Galaxy Note 7—while significantly more plausible— is reminiscent of rumors that made the rounds in 2013, asserting Samsung would embrace the iris modality in lieu of a fingerprint sensor in response to Apple’s Touch ID launch that fall.

Sources: Patently Apple, Android Police


(originally posted on FindBiometrics)