IriTech Bringing Iris Recognition To The Smartwatch

Iritech logoWith rumors of fingerprint sensors on Samsung wearables just surfacing and new applications for vital biometrics measured by smartwatches still being invented, one would expect a little time before other modalities started entering the space. Surprisingly, one would be wrong to do so: iris based identity management company IriTech announced yesterday that it will introduce the world’s very first iris recognition smartwatch.

Called FiDELYS, the iris recognition smartwatch will soon be crowdfunded on Designed with user experience in mind, it will feature a rotating-clicking bezel for user interface in addition to the contactless authentication, both choices made with the wearer in mind. IriTech beleives that touch screens are not the ideal interface options when it comes to a device as small as a watch, and the idea of iris recognition was an idea born of the gadget’s familiar use. Namely, people are used to looking into their watch (it’s right there in the name).

Authentication will occur on-device, the templates never leaving FiDELYS. The captured image doesn;t leave the smartwatch, instead, a key is sent to a synced device to grant access to applications. IriTech’s technology boasts an FAR of 1e-6, with an FRR lower than 0.2 percent. This means that it is idea for a utilitarian item that will be authenticating in all sorts of environments. FiDELYS will be able to authenticate an iris even under direct sunlight.

The company is predicting that the manufacturer suggested retail price for FiDELYS will be in the area of $250, but those who preorder the device through will be treated to a discounted $200 pricepoint.

Iris recognition has so far been absent from the consumer mobile space, despite persistent rumors that Samsung is eyeing the factor for a future handset. With its contactless authentication, iris recognition upholds the mobile promise, offering a handsfree strong authentication solution in a space that users demand convenience in.