iTunes Credit Promo Could Nudge More Users To Try Apple Pay

New Apple Pay users can get five dollar in credit on iTunes through a new promotion in the US and the UK.

iTunes Credit Promo Could Nudge More Users To Try Apple PayIt’s only available to users who haven’t yet signed up, and users must sign up for the platform in Apple Stores. Basically, an Apple Store employee will guide a new user through the signup process, showing the user how to link a payment card to the app, and then the user will get the $5 iTunes credit—but only after making a purchase in the Apple Store.

It’s a pretty meagre promotion compared to some of those from the other major mPayment players. Earlier this year, for example, Samsung offered $30 gift cards from major retailers to new Samsung Pay users, with the only real requirement being an initial purchase on the mPayment platform; Apple, meanwhile, is offering five dollars in credit on its own digital store, and requires another purchase besides.

On the other hand, Apple may not need to push too hard to promote its mPayment service. A recent survey indicated that Apple Pay gets more users than its friendly rival Samsung Pay, and Apple has helped to promote the service with some savvy marketing. Seen as more of a nudge to Apple users than an aggressive promotion, the iTunes credit offer could help to boost the Apple Pay user base a little higher.

Source: AppleInsider