Jabra Announces Biometric Heart Rate Earbuds

Vital biometrics are at home on wearable devices and have been for quite some time. Now, with the growing interest in the next generation of wearable tech, it seems like the rhythm of your heart will become the jurisdiction of your headphones rather than your active-wear wristband.

Today, Jabra – a communication and audio solutions company – announced that it will be throwing its hat into the heart rate headphones race with the Jabra Sport Pulse Wireless earbuds. Like other in-or-on-ear vital biometric devices, the Sport Pulse Wireless earbuds are targeted at exercisers wanting to optimize their workout time.

In addition to the heart rate sensors, Jabra’s biometric earbuds come with a built-in app to make accessibility easier on the user. The app allows for the planning, tracking and evaluation of workouts.

Commenting on Jabra’s newest wearable tech entry, Jennifer Bunn, PhD, assistant professor and director at Campbell University’s Department of Exercise Science, says: “Jabra has created a single device that can provide accurate biometric information, both visually and audibly, within a piece of equipment that most exercisers are wearing anyway and eliminate the need for excess equipment.”

Last week, SMS Audio, a headphones and accessories brand from rapper 50 Cent – announced a collaboration with Intel Corporation that will see the musician’s in-ear headphones joining the wearable biometric revolution too, while earlier this year LG electronics announced it’s own heart rate headphones.

The activewear type was even the subject of a controversial Apple rumor that inevitably turned out to be false. In May, an anonymous tipster claiming to be a former Apple employee confessed to fabricating the claim that the iPhone 6 would ship with its own heart rate measuring headphones.