Jabra Teams With Wellness Platform

Jabra has teamed up with TrainerMD to bring its biometric fitness-tracking headphone devices into the latter’s health and wellness software.

Jabra Teams With Wellness PlatformThe integration will see biometric data collected from Jabra’s Sport Pulse headphones fed into the TrainerMD platform, allowing a user’s medical team to easily and accurately monitor her cardiac activity from exercise. Commenting on the integration in a statement, TrainerMD Chief Medical Officer Dr. Scott Lutch called it a “game changer for patients and healthcare providers across the country,” adding, “In all my years practicing medicine, I have yet to come across a tool that makes preventative healthcare truly collaborative.”

It’s part of a larger program called the 360˚ Health Program, which will give TrainerMD subscribers access to bimonthly physician-and-trainer support workshops after its planned launch this autumn.

It should offer a high-profile showcase for Jabra’s biometric headphone technology. And given that Jabra just announced new, upgraded versions of its Sport Pulse headphones, that could translate to increased interest from the wider consumer market in the future.