Japanese Telecom KDDI Opts for IDEMIA’s eSIM Management Solution

Japanese Telecom KDDI Opts for IDEMIA's eSIM Management Solution

KDDI, a major Japanese telecom, has opted to use IDEMIA’s Smart Connect Platform to support the eSIM management services it provides to enterprise customers.

The ultimate aim is to let employees of organizations go online at any time while out in the field without the need to find Wi-Fi or to deal with physical SIM cards. To that end, they will leverage eSIM-enabled Windows 10 devices, with IDEMIA’s Smart Connect Hub being used to remotely manage those devices’ electronic SIMs through a unified endpoint management (UEM) system.

In a statement announcing the arrangement, IDEMIA Digital Business Unit VP of Connectivity Domain, Emir Aboulhosn, emphasized his company’s position as a solutions provider in this growing IoT space. “In a time of intense connectivity needs, we are ready to offer our customers the possibility to support any eSIM use case,” he said. “IDEMIA’s innovative and unique solutions allow us to provide the best-in-class technology to KDDI.”

IDEMIA Japan Representative Director Nobuyoshi Nezu, meanwhile, emphasized the benefits this deal will deliver to KDDI and its clients. “We are delighted to accompany our client KDDI in its mission of bringing more flexibility to Japanese enterprise customers travelling around the world and multiplying connectivity,” he said.

eSIM technology is expected to become increasingly important and popular with the emergence of 5G cellular networks – an area in which KDDI has been highly active in recent years. IDEMIA, meanwhile, has positioned itself as a major supplier of eSIM services, with a growing roster of international clients opting to use its eSIM management platform.