JENETRIC Unveils LIVETOUCH quattro Compact at GIS 2016 Party

“Thanks for joining us and starting a tradition of bratwurst, beer, and biometrics,” this is how JENETRIC CEO Roberto Wolfer kicked off a party held last night in Tampa, where this week the Global Identity Summit (GIS) is taking place until Thursday. It’s the second year in a row the German biometrics company has hosted a party, and Wolfer was in high spirits as he addressed the crowd.img_4499Beer, Bratwurst and Biometrics – JENETRIC Launches New Solution at GIS 2016 Party

The party served as a platform for the unveiling of a new biometric solution from JENETRIC, which launched its LiveTouch quattro this same time last year at GIS 2015. Before revealing the newest devices, Wolfer provided an update on the year old device.

“Livetouch quattro today is not just a fingerprint scanner, it’s a multipurpose device, so you can now also capture—in addition to fingerprints—electronic signatures on the device’s touch screen,” said Wolfer, going on to announce that the solution is now officially certified as a tenprint device that can capture rolled fingerprints.

“Having a display underneath the sensor provides a completely new way to capture rolled fingerprints,” he said. “Now we know exactly where to place you fingers and in what direction you have to roll, and what speed you have to roll.” Even a non-trained user can capture high quality dual fingerprint images thanks to this feature, Wolfer explained.

But the event wasn’t just a festive occasion for delicious German food and an update on a one-year-old product. JENETRIC also unveiled its newest solution: the aptly named LIVETOUCH quattro Compact. The company is showcasing the device today in booth 507 at GIS, and it was unveiled to impressed gasps from the crowd at last night’s party.livetouch-quattro-compact

Developed in response to demand for a smaller product, the LIVETOUCH quattro Compact is 60 percent smaller by volume than its predecessor. It records flat and rolled fingerprints, and is FBI-certified a s tenprint and FAP60 device.

In a press release announcing the latest product, Wolfer has stated, “Our new product can be easily integrated into mobile devices and allows the capturing of not just two but four fingers in parallel. Therefore tenprints can not only be acquired much faster but also the risk of mixing fingerprints can be reduced significantly.”

The party continued in high spirits. German food and technology flavored the night as a successful milestone for JENETRIC.

Check out the gallery below for pictures of some of the night’s highlights:


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