JP Sensor Licenses Precise Biometrics Tech

Fingerprint BiometricsPrecise Biometrics has signed on with a new fingerprint sensor maker. Taiwan-based JP Sensor Corporation has licensed Precise Biometrics’ Precise BioMatch Embedded and Precise BioMatch Mobile software solutions for its own hardware.

It sounds like a good deal for Precise Biometrics, which negotiated an initial fixed fee for the licensing and further maintenance and support, in addition to royalty revenues based on sales of JP Sensor’s sensors. In a statement announcing the agreement, Precise Biometrics CEO Håkan Persson explained that the Precise BioMatch Embedded software will be ideal for the smart cards JP Sensor is developing for the Chinese financial services market, while the Precise BioMatch Mobile is likely to find its way into smartphones, further strengthening the company’s “position as the leading supplier of fingerprint technology software for mobile devices.”

The company has so far achieved that status largely through a partnership with Fingerprint Cards (FPC), which has become perhaps the leading fingerprint sensor supplier to smartphone makers based in the Asia-Pacific region. That company has enjoyed hugely improved revenues over the last few months, while Precise Biometrics, with its more diverse range of business activities, has been gradually climbing out of quarterly net losses, again largely thanks to its Precise BioMatch licensing agreements. The JP Sensor partnership should therefore provide an added boost going forward as the market for smartphone fingerprint sensors continues to grow.