Japanese Enterprise Security Specialist Orders 30,000 SideSwipe Fingerprint Readers

A Japan-based enterprise security specialist is embracing BIO-key’s SideSwipe fingerprint readers to enable more secure authentication for its customers. DDS Inc. has ordered 30,000 such devices for customers across Asia, the companies have announced.Japanese Enterprise Security Specialist Orders 30,000 SideSwipe Fingerprint Readers

It could significantly raise BIO-key’s profile in Japan: DDS is a system integrator for Japan’s biggest telecom, NTT Group, an organization with a considerable presence in the country. In a statement announcing the deal, DDS CEO Kenji Miyoshino asserted that as his company considered various biometric authentication options, BIO-key’s SideSwipe “stood out as the most compelling solution.”

Miyoshino took care to highlight SideSwipe’s compatibility with Microsoft Windows, as well.

“SideSwipe works well with DDS’s “EVE MA” solution, which offers flexible multifactor authentication options including ID Card and fingerprint, as well as our “EVE FA” solution for large scale ID programs with authentication taking place on the server,” said Miyoshino.

The deal arrives immediately after last week’s announcement that BIO-key had received its first orders for its biometric padlock solutions, from customers in both China and Japan. Together, the deals suggest substantial growth in BIO-key’s APAC presence as the company prepares to showcase its padlocks at next month’s GIFTEX 2017 trade show in Tokyo.

(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)