Juniper Research Recognizes Gemalto as Key eSIM Player

Juniper Research says Gemalto is an industry leader in the global M2M market, thanks primarily to its eSIM solutions for the Internet of Things.

Juniper Research Recognizes Gemalto as Key eSIM PlayerThe recognition comes by way of the research firm’s report, “M2M Market Trends & Competitive Landscape 2016-2021”. As Research Analyst Sam Barker puts it in a statement, Juniper aimed “to highlight Gemalto’s advanced eSIM offer and remote provisioning capability.” It’s an area of increasing importance as more connected devices emerge with the Internet of Things, and one in which Safran Identity & Security—in whose sale Gemalto was, until recentlyrumored to be a bidder—is also a significant player.

Barker added that “Gemalto’s end-to-end IoT security is also recognized as addressing widespread concerns over the vulnerability of the IoT to hacking attacks,” another area of serious concern for not only industry experts, but homeland security interests.

Acknowledging the recognition, Gemalto VP Benoit Jouffrey asserted that Gemalto is busy “working with mobile operators, OEMs and service providers to capitalize on the opportunities brought by mobile connectivity.” It’s a clear indication that the company intends to be serious contender as other digital security companies also jockey for position in this growing market.