KeyLemon and onefacein Team for Password Replacement

KeyLemon and onefacein Team for Password ReplacementBiometric security solutions provider KeyLemon has entered into a strategic partnership with onefacein, an emerging biometrics developer offering a multimodal system. As the name suggests, onefacein’s technology relies on face biometrics, but also employs voice recognition and looks at synced devices for additional security.

KeyLemon plans to offer the system as a password replacement for access to secure websites, and in a press release indicated that it is aiming the solution at “highly regulated and security conscious industries.” Gilles Florey, KeyLemon’s CEO, explained that it’s the system’s ease of use that proved most appealing, calling onefacein “a partner that implements face and speaker recognition in a convenient and intuitive way.”

The partnership should prove beneficial for onefacein, as well, of course. Market analysts have pointed to KeyLemon as an industry leader in biometric security innovation, and the company recently saw its technology integrated into Okta, Inc.’s identity management platform. So KeyLemon seems to be in a strong position to promote onefacein’s multimodal solution.

The technology is what both companies are banking on, though. “Affordable and effective biometric solutions available to the general public are relatively new,” said onefacein Chief Marketing Officer Carey Anderson. “We’re confident people will like what they see.”