KodeKey Transforms Smartphones into Authentication Tokens

KodeKey Aims to Turn Smartphones Into Biometric Authentication TokensA new startup is aiming to turn users’ smartphones into authentication tokens. Called Qondado, the Puerto Rico-based company was started last year, and is now announcing its flagship platform, KodeKey.

The system ties a user to her phone number via biometrics, and then allows clients to use that number for authentication. So, for example, a company representative seeking to authenticate the identity of a customer can ask that customer to scan her fingerprint on her KodeKey-enabled device, and KodeKey’s web-based application will then verify the user’s identity. Companies can integrate the KodeKey web service into their own websites via an API or even through a WordPress plugin.

On the user end, the KodeKey app is available for iOS and Android, though of course it will only work on smartphones that have built-in fingerprint scanning capabilities. And as mobile-based authentication becomes more popular, there could be even more to come from Qondado; in a press release, CEO Edward Robles said the company has “a roadmap of innovative new technologies starting with KodeKey,” pointing to the file security and cloud storage segments as key areas for the company as it seeks to establish itself in the world of secure authentication.


(Originally posted on FindBiometrics)