Korea Smart Authentication Corp. Partners With Daon

The Korea Smart Authentication Corp. (“KoSAC”) has become Daon’s official strategic partner for the Korean market, the companies have announced.

Korea Smart Authentication Corp. Partners With DaonKoSAC is a major Korea-based provider of mobile biometric authentication services, and has already begun to deploy Daon’s technology in the region, with its client the Korea Appraisal Board using it to authenticate real estate appraisers. Meanwhile, financial services company Yelopay has signed up to have KoSAC bring Daon’s biometric technology to its own mobile app.

In a statement announcing the partnership, Daon and KoSAC suggested that the “tremendous market opportunity in South Korea” for mobile biometric authentication technology was a major driver in the partnership’s formation. At least some of that interest has likely been stoked by the FIDO Alliance’s recent activity in the region; and Daon’s IdentityX Platform is, of course, FIDO Certified. Moreover, it has seen other high-profile deployments in the USAA mobile banking app and, more recently, MasterCard’s Identity Check platform. As such, it could prove highly appealing to the market to which KoSAC caters.

Commenting on the partnership, KoSAC CEO Kibong Moon said the companies “will provide a fast and convenient means to authenticate end customers which will help our clients to secure, maintain and grow their business through a combination of strong authentication and better end user engagement.”